This past weekend was the most Spring-a-licious one all year. It gave me that good belly feeling of barbeques to come.
I spend time with my spirit animal the rabbit, which is always rewarding. I know, I know,
having a spirit animal I might as well bathe in patchouli and name my son Moonflower, and you know, maybe I will. But I will probably name him RabbitLochen or something forest-like and unforgiving.
I was born the day after Easter, so on Easter Monday, and my mama has always called me her little east
er bunny. From that, I've always been gifted bunny things- jewelry, fabrics, stationary, the occasional rabbits foot. A friend gave me this rabbit ring---->

Anyways, if Rabbits are my spirit animal then Spring is my spirit season so take me away mild allergy ridden weather, I am yours.



I am here to declare that I luv boyz. And this may come as a surprise, because 1) half of everyone thought I was a lurzbian and 2) I'm at an age where I should be loving men. But I don't. I luv boyz. And I keep spelling it that way because I'm obvi not a pedo-creepo hanging out outside of high school dances or helping 14 year olds sneak into R-rated movies, in which case I would write "I love boys."
But boyz and luv are a type of giggle in the back of your throat when you see some twenty somethings skateboard down the street and their boxers are all bunched and sticking out and you are like 'o damn i am in luv.'

I think thats why I like Paul Rudd so much. No matter how old or whatever he gets he still has that boyish smirk and I will luv it 4ever