Mah Brain

How I imagine the 700 Club, having never watched 700 Club
Person 1: 656
Person 2: 657
Person 3: 658
Person 1: 659....
Person 2: 700!!! I WIN!

How I imagine the last line of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, having watched 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the trailer

How I imagine every plot of How I Met Your Mother, only having looked at photos of Neil Patrick Harris.
Quirky dude friend: Hey dude, have you seen my girlfriend recently? She isn't answering any of her phone calls?! Weird, right??
NPH: Errrkkkk ~pulls collar out~
QDF: What's that, dude?
NPH: Errkk I might have slept with her after one too many appletinis.
QDF: Wtf dude, you drink appletinis?
NPH: ~smiles at camera and pulls collar out~