Oh me, OPI!

Lincoln Park After Dark
This is for the adventurer in you! The one that likes to take back alleys at 2 am, while talking loudly about your credit card or how expensive your heels are. It's for the part of you that walks into a dark room closes the door, then turns the lights on. GO crazy! Take a chance! Get mugged!

Barefoot in Barcelona
Like, Lincoln Park After Dark, BiB is not for the faint of heart. As any fabulous jet setter knows, Barcelona is one of Europe's party capitals and the perfect place to go clubbing after a luxurious day on la playa. But what you might not know is that Barcelona carries at least 12 unique , chic, strains of tetanus. That's enough for each little toe of yours, plus two for y'all freaks with twelve toes. Happy travels!

Did it On 'Em
Yep, you heard OPI. Do it on them, ya freak!