Fab Friend Friday! Julia Maeve!

Let's all pretend that I've been maintaining this blog superbly and that it hasn't been a full year since "Fab Friend Friday!"

This week's Fab Friend is Julia Maeve. Julia and I went to Bryn Mawr together, I stayed with her when she lived in Paris, and the two of us occupied a lil nook in a vegan mansion our senior year.

She hails from Boston and her mother has the most enthralling Boston accent I've ever heard When I first heard her mother speak, I thought she was pulling my leg. But she is 100% authentic in her Bostonian tongue. It's super cool.

Casually Stunning.
I think Julia is fabulous because she is one of the kindest people I know. Her ability to hone in on detail and still appreciate the big picture is comforting, impressive, and motivating. She is a talented artist, singer, and cook. I love when Julia gets really angry about things because she'll usually stomp her foot and point a finger in the air. I mean, I wish things didn't anger her, but I love how emphatic she is about it! OH wait, also once Julia kicked me in the face in front of 400 people and it was really really funny and didn't hurt that much.

Enjoy my mini interview with Julia!

How did we meet?

Kady and I started at Bryn Mawr the same year and had an uNuSuAl connection:  A good friend of mine from home was the roommate of a good friend of Kady's (from her home) at Barnard.  So I kind of had my eye out for her and I remember the exact first time we met!  Kady was working in the dining hall and I was having lunch with my friend Addie who was quickly also become a friend of Kady's.  Thus, she stopped by to say hi, I was like zomggg weird connection, or something like that, and the rest is history.  But actually (this is weird, sorry KD) I have this really vivid memory of a few days later spotting Kady waiting for the bus, by herself, and I remember what she was wearing and I thought she was too cool for me.  Lil red cardigan (she still wears it) and this blue dress (also still wears) and big ol' head phones.  Kween of my heart.

What do you do?

In thirteen days I start a job I am super excited about.  I'm going to be the assistant to the curator at a very cool museum in Boston (it shall remain unnamed) and I have a feeling it is going to be the non-evil version of The Devil Wears Prada + assisting on exhibitions, which is cray cray amazing to me.  I hope it meets my expections!  

What do you love doing?

I get a lot of satisfaction from taking the train (in all seriousness) and doing crosswords, but also I really love to silkscreen and I'm pretty bummed that I haven't done any recently.  I am hoping that once I get my little dream apartment set up I shall have a silkscreening table.  It will be the best. 

Learning to Love Cats.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Graduate School.  For better or for worse.  I'm not sure where I see myself geographically, that is a mystery of the future!

What about 35 years?

35 years.  So that means I will be 57!  Holy Cow!  I guess I hope I won't be alone, I don't think I want to be alone.  Alive would be great, too!  And happy.  Maybe I'll be a curator or an art teacher.  Cute lil home somewhere that is painted yellow and has really creative shelf-ing and a hammock in the backyard and music coming out of the windows.

And WHO is your favorite fab lady?
Nina Simone!  She was such a fabulous musician and entertainer, civil rights-lady.  She was super volatile and a little crazy, but I think that she was amazing.  Such good outfits.  And I love how she moved to France, too.  Oh, Nina, bless your soul.