Happy New Years!

Things that happened in 2011
- I sort of started to wear heels
- I went on two OkCupid dates and they were Okay.
- I grew my hair out
- I made new friends
- Osama Bin Laden was killed
- I still didn't get my belly button pierced.
- I still want my belly button pierced.
- Tiana May Carter was maybe born?????
- Tavi G.
- other blogs
- I still can't play any instruments

Welp, 2011 sort of stunk and here is to a better year and hoping I get a job and a boyfriend amirite?
What else does a girl want?

I hope everyone goes out tonight and gets regrettably drunk or stays sober and looks adorable at in the corner of the room or the center of the dance floor and that they kiss or don't kiss whomever they want to.

I hope that your 2012 is filled with as much kissing as you want, as many long walks as you can fit in, a few sad nights at home on the internet wishing your life was more fun, really obnoxious karaoke parties, and that you spend some quality time with yourself.

xoxo Kadygirl


yr welcome

In case you don't know about Broad City yet, here you go:


P.S. I met* them this weekend and I was totes going to get a picture with them but they were selling greeting cards for a serious/somber cause and I wasn't about to be like 'HEY YALL, WHATS YR FAVORITE JOKE??' The cards were nice! My ma liked 'em!

*saw that they'd be in Union Square selling cards & went to Union Square


Movies I Haven't Written Yet

Plot: Young attractive female, out of college and wandering through life. She sees a 'wanted ad' to become a speech therapist. Out of desperation she goes in for an interview and lands the job from charisma, despite having no training in the field.
Introduce young attractive male with a stutter. He wants to become a politician so he enrolls in speech therapy.
The two of them fall deeply in love despite him literally having trouble speaking, and YAF being too fleeting to admit what she wants to say.
YAF never gets in serious trouble for faking certification
Genre: Rom-Com
Working Title: The language of love


Single City

*~*Advice*~* from someone who doesn't date people! (But sometimes wants to!)

-Don't complain about your girlfriend, just break up with her
-Date goofy people
-Don't date people who don't dance. They aren't fun
-Keep it weird
-Date someone who wears good socks. You don't wanna wake up in the morning and put on last night's socks.
-Don't cheat on your boyfriend, just break up with him
-Date nice people
-Don't date ppl who think Kathy Griffin is funny.
-Date people who think dads are funny.
-Date smiley people
- Date people who will think it's cool that you have a "Britney Spears", "Country Pop" and "E.U" Pandora stations