What Is Your Boyfriend *Really* Saying

Hey girls (no boys! oh okay, fine, boys are welcome, I guess) !!

Have you ever been having a serious and deep conversation with you boyfriend, crush, OR EVEN JUST YOUR DAD, and you have a funny feeling (because you're a woman and you have female intuition) that maybe you aren't getting the whole story? Maybe, just maybe, there is something else this boy is trying to say? Well, sisters, I'm here to help!

Readers have been writing in with this problem over and over and I thought it was time to bring this issue up on the internet!

Rachel B. from New Hampshire wrote in:
The other day my boyfriend Dan and I were eating at a diner dinner. It was two weeks before Homecoming and I asked him if he had any interest in attending. He took a big bite of his sandwich and said what sounded like "Yeah, totally let's go" but idk there was something DEFINITELY OFF in the way he said it. Like, it took him a second to respond, and idk KD Homewrecker, what gives?!

Hey Rachel B!
Sounds super weird but I wouldn't FREAK OUT. He probably said "Yeah, totally let's go" and just had some food in his mouth so it sounded weird. That is something guys are really prone to do---eat--and it often gets in the way of other important things in their life like girls and sports. Hope that helps!
KD Homewrecker

Ciara W. from Florida asked:
Hey KDHW! Huge fan! So this has been bothering me a TON! I have a crush on this boy who I'm on the chess team with. He is so super good at chess I'm pretty intimidated if you know what I mean!!!! He likes to do this weird cute thing that I think is kind of liek flirting where he puts a Queen chess piece in his mouth in a sort of playful way.  Then he kind of says "chock maht."What it was all about?? I can't decipher how mysterious he is!

Howdy Ciara W!?
First of all--a girl on the chess team!?!--SO COOL! Okay, but getting down to your issue. I'm obviously not totally sure because this seems like a unique situation, but I think we need to point out that this was a queen chess piece and not a pawn or knight or something that might indicate he is g*y. So I think he is probably a little bit into you. As for what he's saying? My guess is as good as yours but maybe either "check mate" or "chalk malt"? Good luck!
KD Homewrecker

Francesca T. from Hawaii commented:
I've never asked a question online before but here goes nothing! I keep both of my parents hostage in our family's basement. The whole thing started when they were super unfair about me killing the family dog. ANYWAYS, I keep a gag cloth tied around my father's mouth because he has a loud voice that neighbors would def be able to hear if he was able to scream. The other day I went down there to feed them and was like, "Dad you'll be super proud, I aced my geometry test and the teacher says I might qualify for a scholarship!" He then looked at me, tears welling in his eyes, and mumbled something incoherent before he passed out from dehydration. Boys are so dramatic sometimes, ugh. What would your guess be?

Aloha Francesa!
Congrats on the math test! That was always my worst subject. This one if tough, but if I had to take a gander, from the tears welling up in his eyes (aww) he's super proud. Statistically, science and math are subjects girls don't perform as high in and to get a scholarship for it is incredibly impressive. So he probably said something along the lines of "I can't believe my little girl is accomplishing so much." Honestly though, those tears probably said it all. <3
KD Homewrecker

Well, hope that helps! I'm not an expert but I am a girl! (SO pretty close right? LOL <3)